To visit us in Fundu Moldovei you take the N17 road. This is the road between Suceava and Vatra Dornei. At a moment you are in a small place named Pojorâta, you turn to “Fundu Moldovei / Izvoarele Sucevei”. There is a sign “Camping Vuurplaats” at this point. If you follow the road to Fundu Moldovei you will see another pictogram “Camping Vuurplaats 4 km”. After 4 km you see a wooden church at your right and just passing this church you see a sign camping pointing right.

See also: section Suceava.

The Romanian roads are being renovated in a high pace. A lot of EU money is invested in infra-structure. That means that the quality of the roads is improving rapidly. But is also means that there is a possibility of delay because the road is under construction. Do not drive at night on Romanian roads.

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47.53417 N
25.41528 E

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